Would I Lie to You? – April, May and June 2021

Immediately after the April, May and June Circle¬† meetings (on Zoom) several Brothers took part in a game whereby they each revealed three ‘facts’ about themselves…though one of them of them wasn’t true. The aim was for other Brothers / ladies to guess which was the lie via (not so) intense questioning. The fun was not in the correct guessing but in learning that, for example, Clive inadvertently stayed in a holiday home in Ireland owned by a 16th Century ancestor, Chris was repeatedly called Colin by Roy Hudd, Richard auctioned a case of beer that eventually raised over ¬£1million, Tom C physically built the street in which he once lived, Frank threw a bread roll that lodged in the cleavage if a future Prime Minister, Wladek scored the winning goal in a penalty shoot-out, Max made bedtime cocoa with paraffin, Larry marched with the Royal Engineers in the 1970 Lord Mayor’s Parade, Geoff played in an England Indoor Hockey Champrionship Final and guest Mariusz played tennis with Jimmy Connors and strung his racket.

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