Would I Lie to You? – April and May 2021

Immediately after the April and May Circle¬† meetings several Brothers took part in a game whereby they each revealed three ‘facts’ about themselves…though one of them of them wasn’t true. The aim was for other Brothers / ladies to guess which was the lie via (not so) intense questioning. The fun was not in the correct guessing but in learning that, for example, Clive inadvertently stayed in a holiday home in Ireland owned by a 16th Century ancestor, Chris was repeatedly called Colin by Roy Hudd, Richard auctioned a case of beer that eventually raised over ¬£1million, Tom C physically built the street in which he once lived, Frank threw a bread roll that lodged in the cleavage if a future Prime Minister, Wladek scored the winning goal in a penalty shoot-out and guest Mariusz played tennis with Jimmy Connors and strung his racket.

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