Join Us

WHO CAN JOIN THE CATENIANS? Any Catholic layman over the age of 21 can join. There are no specific requirements in terms of income or type of occupation, nor a requirement for a member’s wife to be a Catholic: many are not and participate fully in the enjoyment of Catenian Life.

HOW TO JOIN Many members are introduced to the Association by a friend who is already a member and who acts as a sponsor. However, if you are interested in joining and do not know a Catenian, please contact us through the website and we will make sure that somebody from our circle contacts you. You’ll be invited to attend one of our meetings and/or social events (along with your wife and family where the event is appropriate) so that you can experience the Catenian ethos. If you  feel the Association is right for you, and the circle agrees, an invitation to join the Association will be made.

COMMITMENT the Circle meetings are held monthly and you will gain the most benefit from being a member of the Association by attending as many meetings as possible where work and family commitments allow. Visiting other circles is an important part of being a Catenian and where possible, we would encourage our circle members to join in with our many visits to other circles.

COST There is an annual membership fee which we can discuss with you if you are interested in joining. In addition there are social functions organised throughout the year that all our circle members are invited to and these usually incur a cost to cover the cost of organising the events. Many members also contribute to the Association’s charities. One for members, or their families, who are facing hard times, and the other for young Catholic adults who are undertaking a gap year project that is of value to the community. Payments to these charities are voluntary and confidential.